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Established in 1984, Ace Engraving has over thirty years experience in the commercial and industrial engraving industry, using both manual machinery and computer driven systems.

The workshop has multiple engraving machines, enabling larger commissions to be undertaken with the latest laser engraving technology. This has allowed Ace Engraving to offer engraving for a wider range of materials such as metal engraving, brass engraving, acrylic engraving and more.

Our client base ranges from large multinationals through to small family run businesses, benefitting us with a range of different order types - one-off bespoke commissions to thousands of units.

All work is finished to the highest standard and we always deliver quality products at competitive prices, along with a top class service.

If you have a project that requires our engraving services and would like to find out more, please do get in touch.

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No job is too big or too small for us to handle. You will always receive a high quality job at a competitive price. Get in touch by using our contact form or call us on 01603 568336.

Industrial Engraving

Industrial engraving

We specialise in commercial and industrial engraving such as engraved labels, control panels and signs for businesses, and switch plates. All work is custom made to the client’s requirements and we stock a large quantity of materials to make sure our work can be carried out in a timely manner.

Keycap Engraving

Custom keycaps

Searching for custom keycaps? We can engrave the top face and front face of the key and fill in a range of different colours as per your requirements. Laser marking produces a contrasting colour finish, depending on the material being used.

Label Engraving

Engraved labels

Label engraving is available in a variety of coloured laminates. All labels are engraved using the latest computerised engraving machinery, promising to meet your specific requirements. We can also incorporate technical symbols. Our label engraving service is predominantly used for panel labels and traffolyte labels, but we can accept a whole host of projects.

Sign Engraving

Sign engraving

We create engraved warning signs, custom safety signs and engraved door signs for commercial industries. Whether you require engraved plastic signs, stainless steel signage or custom perspex signs our team can help.

Laser Engravers

Our laser engraving machine can mark a range of materials from plastics to anodised aluminium and stainless steel with great results. From one off parts to multiple units. Take a look at our portfolio below to see what it can do.


Our specialist services have been used by hundreds of clients, thanks to our first-class service, quick turnaround and our quality finish that our customers deserve. Here’s some of our most recent work.

Custom Keycaps UK
Metal engraving anniversary sign
Laser marking camera
Laser Etching
Industrial Engravers
Engraved label for marine
Engraved traffolyte labels
Engrave metal tags


What are the different types of engraving you do?
We have the options of manual engraving, using the CNC machines & Fibre laser engraving. This allows us to carry out various industrial and commercial engraving jobs including custom keycaps, control panels, switch plates, key fobs, badges, signs, traffolyte labels, and much more.
What is the difference between engraving and etching?
Engraving is physically engraving into materials to leave a permanent inscription, whilst etching is the process of marking on top of a material and this can wear off over time.
Can you engrave stainless steel?
Yes, we offer metal engraving so engraving into stainless steel and infill with various colours is something we can do. We also have good results with the laser on stainless steel.
Can you engrave acrylic?
Yes, we provide acrylic engraving via manual techniques, machine-based and laser engraving.
Can you engrave brass?
Yes, we also offer brass engraving and we also stock brass plates to do this.
Can you engrave plastic?
We can engrave on various plastics and stock a wide variety of colours. Most commonly we engrave on plastics when creating signage and panel labels.
Is laser engraving permanent?
Yes, laser engraving is permanent. Whereas, etching or marking will fade throughout time.
What are traffolyte labels?
Traffolyte is a type of plastic material used in a wide section of industries to make traffolyte labels, switches and control panels. It’s hard wearing and can be cut into any shape and size needed. Again, we stock this material in a wide variety of colours.
What do keycaps do?
Keycaps are used on customised keyboards or data entry systems. We can engrave anything from small logos and symbols to many foreign languages for small or large projects onto these.
How much do custom keycaps cost?
Costs always vary depending on the amount of information needed to be engraved.
How much does an engraved plaque cost?
Similar to the custom keycaps, costs for any engravement project always varies depending on the size and information needed to be engraved.

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