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Hardwearing, bold and reliable

Traffolyte remains a popular choice for industrial engraving tasks, owing to its durability and wide choice of colours.

We use the latest machinery for optimum results and, as with all of our work, pride ourselves on competitive pricing and top-level communication throughout the ordering process. We supply Traffolyte labels, tags and signage for commercial applications across all sectors. In fact, when it comes to Traffolyte, no matter what your projectis, we are confident that we can engrave it.

Engraved Labels

Clear messaging and a long-lasting finish makes Traffolyte a great choice.

Range of finishes

From bright colours to metallic finishes, we can supply them all.

Business Signs

Using Traffolyte creates strong, clear and hardwearing signage.

Long lasting

Resistant to hot water and many chemical substances ensures your labels last.

Why choose Traffolyte

Traffolyte lends itself to engraving due to its makeup. As a phenolic plastic, these engraving sheets are created using three coloured layers. This means when we engrave into it, the layers underneath are revealed, offering bold writing or patterns with no risk of wear. Magic.

As another plus, there are plenty of colour combinations to pick from, and it can be self-adhesive or fixed with screws, depending on your preference.

Traffolyte labels

Traffolyte has historically been used across many industries for various applications.
It is a solid choice for internal signs such as warning notices, health and safety information signs, and simple notice signs such as no smoking or don’t step on the cracks (we jest).

Due to its heat and chemical-resistant properties, it is also a useful material for engraving asset labels, valve tags and disks, and switchgear cabinet labels.

Can I use Traffolyte anywhere?

Whilst it is a very robust material, ideal for internal use in cabinets and within businesses, we don’t recommend Traffolyte for outdoor applications. This is because it is not UV resistant, which can cause it to fade or crack after prolonged stints outside.

Worry not. If you are looking for external safety signs or labels, we offer some great alternative engraving laminates that can stand the heat (and rain, as the case may be). If you prefer, we can also engrave onto stainless steel and aluminium.

Give us a call on 01603 568336 if you are unsure of what you need.


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