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Our story

Established in 1984, we are proud to be a longstanding name in the industrial engraving industry. Founder Mark Butcher, is still very much an integral part of the day to day running of our operations. Fellow director Mark Grubb has grown within our company, starting in 2000 as a trainee (plenty of tea was made), working his way to co-ownership through hard work and dedication. Between them there isn’t a question they cannot answer about our industry. Makes for a fun dinner party we can assure you!

Our journey started with creating custom key caps, in and around Norfolk, today our team has evolved to support multinationals, the utilities industries and the government.

We know, from the outside, it could seem like creating electrical labels, control panel components and switch gear labels would be dull work, but we don’t see it like that. We take pleasure in the fulfilment of every order, love working within a fast-paced environment and delivering on our promises, knowing that even though our role within your job may be small, it is vital.

Over 40 Years

Across the UK

Leading Engraving


A personal experience

Give us a call, and the phone will be answered quickly, by a knowledgable member of the team. We are happy to answer your questions, offer advice on which material would suit your project and of course, always supply you with the very best price.

Reinvesting to support your business

Determined not to stand still, we continually reinvest in our machinery and people in order to provide the best service. Following a recent buy-out of a fellow industrial engraving company, we happily now have even more scope to undertake large scale orders with ease, supported as alway by top-notch machinery and a dedicated team.

Flexible and adaptable

Following many years of industry experience, we know not all orders are straight forward ones.
Luckily, we enjoy a challenge. If you require a bespoke label service, a particular material such as Traffolyte or just have a very tight deadline, the chances are we can help. As an added bonus, we love a chat, so give us a call.

Utilising the latest engraving technology

Our team likes to be ahead of the game, and as such we are happy to continually refresh and reinvest in our equipment, whenever necessary. Forming part of our production line, we currently have a fibre laser engraver, allowing engraving onto many metal materials, including steel, anodised aluminium and bronze. We also have a C02 laser system which engraves plastics.